Special Events


Knitted Knockers!

We're proudly supporting the Knitted Knockers effort! We're a drop-off point for completed knockers and we have approved yarns for creating them.

You can go to their website to download patterns for knitted and crocheted knockers and get additional information. There is a continuous need so make a pair (or more) and drop them off soon!



It's All About You!

It's a brand new year and it's all about you!

2017 is our 10th anniversary and we’d love to celebrate by honoring the people that got us here ... You - our faithful fiber friends, our fabulous fiber fans, our wonderful, amazing customers!
Each quarter we’ll give a prize to every crafter that finishes any project with yarns/fibers purchased from Nature’s Yarns. Use a minimum of 300 yds in any project, share the finished result, and win a prize! Yep – it’s that easy!
Share your project via Ravelry and let everyone see what you’ve been up to. You might be surprised at how much your work can inspire others.
At the end of the year, we’ll randomly select one person to receive a grand prize!


1. What if I finish more than one project per quarter? – We’re delighted but we can only award one prize per person per quarter. It’s not about the speed – it’s all about the delight in the fibers.
2. Do I have to share? – Yep. We want everyone (not just us) to be able to see, and be inspired by, what you’ve been working on.
3. I’m a beginner. What if my project isn’t perfect? – Perfection is overrated. We don’t care about perfect and neither should anyone else. Again, it’s all about the love of fiber and the enjoyment you get from creating.
4. How do I share my project? – It’s a three-step process:
  a: On Ravelry, join the Nature’s Yarns group (if you haven’t already)
  b: Add your project to your own account, being sure to share it with the Nature’s Yarns group. Download our tutorial if you aren't sure how to add your project.
  c: Finally, tell us about your project in the Discussion thread in the group’s page titled: 10 Years and It’s All About You in 2017!
5. What information is needed for my entry? – On your project page, you will need a picture of the finished item, details of the yarn you used (please add as much information as you can) and select Nature’s Yarns as the store you purchased it from.