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Experience Levels

Confused as to your ability level? Beneath each class title we have listed the appropriate level needed. Hopefully, this will assist you when registering for the perfect class session. It is always best to expand your knowledge by taking sequential classes in order, using the skill levels as a guide. Nature's Yarns' staff will be happy to assist you in deciding which level you are ready to register for.

Please pay careful attention to the skill level for each session. It's really frustrating for both you and your fellow students if you enroll in a session that is not appropriate for your current ability.

Beginner: No experience. These class sessions are designed to introduce the beginner to successful, independent knitting/crocheting and learn the basic techniques or knows the basics, but wants a good review before taking Advanced Beginner.

Advanced Beginner: For knitting, the student has experience with casting on, knitting, purling and binding off, and may have experience with increasing and decreasing. For crochet, the student has experience with basic pattern stitches and may have experience with increasing and decreasing stitches. The student should be able to read simple knitting/crocheting instructions.

Intermediate: For knitting, the student is proficient in the skills listed in advanced beginner as well as work on circular and double point needles, work cable and yarn over patterns, and do simple finishing techniques. For crochet, the student is familiar with a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns and color patterns, midlevel shaping and finishing.

Advanced: The student is proficient in the skills listed in the intermediate level as well as work with intricate stitch patterns and multicolor techniques using fine threads and small needles, able to make pattern adjustments and have a refined finishing technique.


Registering for Classes

Registration: Classes are sure to fill quickly so register early. Attendance maximum is set by the instructor. To ensure a spot, student should call or come see us in the shop until the on-line class registration process is complete which will accept credit/debit cards. Instruction costs should be paid in full no later than the first class session.

Unless otherwise stated our classes are for adults only (minimum age 12). As much as we love kids and pets, they are not welcome in our adult classes. We reserve the right to ask a parent to leave if they arrive for an adult class with a child who is not participating in the class.

Class session costs do not include materials or published patterns unless noted. We ask that each student purchase the necessary supplies prior to the first class session. Please call ahead or check the website regarding necessary materials and pre-class assignment (if any). Please wind your yarn, if necessary, before the first class session.


More Information

Class Etiquette: Please turn cell phones off or on vibrate during class sessions. We ask that only those registered for classes attend. Thank you.

Make-Up Class Session: This will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Class Session Cancellation: In the event the instructor needs to cancel, every effort will be made to timely communicate the cancellation to all registered students by email, telephone, website or by other means. Sessions cancelled in this manner will be re-scheduled at the same time and day of the next available week.


Inclement Weather

Inclement weather: Call the shop on the day of the class to see if it is still being held. If it's canceled, you can verify that it will be rescheduled.


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